our premier program - hatha yoga 
since 2001

Classic YOGA promotes better health, a stronger core, and more stamina. YOGA improves postural alignment and re-balances over-tight areas.  Our classes are yin-yang:  both relaxing and challenging!  
YOGA--for every body! 

Walk-ins welcome at our classes.
See us at 205 S. Sangamon, Rear

SESSION:  Feb. 24 March 28, 2020
*** Join us!  Classic yoga or other class! ***

N O T E  !
As of Th., 3/19/2020, classes
are temporarily suspended.
Please check back for 
re-opening.  Be well!

        5:45 pm        Fusion

       10:30 am       Circuit Sr
         5:45 pm       Aero-Wts

​       10:30 am       YOGA I
         5:45 pm       YOGA I 

most classes 45 min. -  descriptions:
Yoga I - our premier class, for everyone 
               classic hatha yoga for strength,  stamina,
                balance, and overall well-being
Yoga II - intermediate poses, vinyasa, inversions
                 are included
Circuit Sr.- range of motion and light wts, may
                include chair yoga or tai chi, for ages 
                55 to 85; suitable for ALL levels 
Fusion - tone-it-all, for women, very popular!  Build
               strength with wts, pilates, much more!
Aero-Wts - low-impact aerobic workout with weights, 
                 step, and toning!  clean gym shoes, please
30 Min. Abs - a concentrated effort to tighten and
                strengthen the core; 30-35 min.  most levels

We welcome all ages, genders, and conditions. 
Under grade 9:  must have an accompanying adult .
            prices:   drop-in:      9
                          Circuit Sr.:    6
                            30-Min Abs:  6
                6 wks, 1 class/wk:   42
                5 wks, 1 cls/wk:       37
                6 wks,  2 class/wk:  72
                5 wks,  2 cls/wk:      64
                prices pro-rated each week
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